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Boston, MA, USA

Animal Rescues

The company not only focuses on making designer fashion but also focuses on animals in need. It is committed to giving back a portion of the net gross proceeds on every purchase to the non-profit animal welfare organizations to ensure they have the resources to continue to help out the animals that are in need. The company frequently partners with existing and newly founded organizations dedicated to empowering and supporting animal rescue organizations.


The majoriry of our products offered by the company are sourced from third-party suppliers. It has also entered into agreements with the distribution partners to fulfill the orders on time. At present, the company is selling its products online through its website. After having established a foothold in the market, it will be launching its mobile app, which will assist the customers to place orders from their mobile phones offering more convenience and ease. 

Health & Wellness

One thing every dog owner has in common is the desire to ensure a long and happy life for their pet. We want as much time as possible with our four-legged friends. Time for playing. Dogs age much faster than people, almost 6 or 7 times as fast, and changes to their health happen quicker, as well. To put this into human terms, a nose-to-tail pet health exam every 6 months is like a going to your doctor every 2-3 years. Boston Made, Inc. is focused on longevity of your dog. That's why we offer the best.



Boston Dogwear is the perfect mix between classic and functional with it's variety of dog and human products. This coat I bought for my dog is sure to turn heads! Water resistant and super adjustable, with unique technology giving this dog coat a stretchable neck and chest girth section for unrestricted play.

Dave, Buyer

Boston Dogwear has experts who distill years of designing harnesses and apparel into a single harness-coat combo, giving dogs who typically layer gear a seamless solution for getting outside in cool weather and light precipitation.

Samantha, Buyer

The Spirit of America

The pet industry is booming beyond the world of competitions. The key takeaway about the future of the pet industry is that pet owners are looking for better, and more customized products for their pets. The future of the pet business market is not with mass-produced and standardized products and services. Pet owners want their beloved four-legged family members to enjoy the same quality of products and services that they would treat themselves with. The multi-billion-dollar pet industry shows no signs of losing demand, with pet owners spending increasingly more on fashion and luxury items.



Authentic Apparel

Our focus is to be a leading online pet store that offers a wide range of pet clothing and accessories and brings quality, comfort, and creatively designed products to pets around the United States.

Despite slow growth in pet ownership, the role of pets in the household has shifted. As a result, pets are now widely viewed as an integral member of the family. Consequently, pet owners are willing to spend an increasing amount on those pets. This has had an impact on the consumption choices made by pet owners. Modern pet owners are increasingly opting for higher quality and more expensive pet products that has created immense opportunities for online pet businesses in the United States.

Although there is still a fair share of consumers who enjoy the physical experience of shopping in person, those numbers are slowly dwindling as efficiency and cheaper prices become king. In order to encourage more people to shift their buying patterns to online, Boston Made, Inc. will focus on improving the customer’s online shopping experience, promote its unique value proposition, and ease down the process of returns.

Meet The CEO

My name is Nathanael Howard Strickland. I go by "Nate". I'm 33 years old; born in Northwest Georgia. I'm the creator of bostonmade.com, bostonmadepets.com, bostondogwear.com, bostondogsitter.com, and many different websites. My specialty is graphic design, web design, and video production.

I am skilled in the I.T. spectrum. I love sitting behind a computer and creating stuff, but I also find a good balance of keeping track with current-events, reviewing analytics, and collecting data. My favorite two words are "Let's Go!" I’ve always enjoyed the U.S.A. I am so grateful to be American. I love talking politics, business, basketball, football and finances. My favorite television channels are Bloomberg, Fox News, CNN, HGTV, and all the other local stations. I would much rather be outside than indoors. During my spare time, I love to travel and explore! I enjoy live concerts, sporting events, skiing, kayaking, and rowing. I also love supporting non-profit animal rescues and helping dogs in need!